Webinar Softwares

A Guide about Webinar Softwares.

A webinar is an online gathering, in which only an online audience can participate. Online training, online conferences, webcasting, video lectures, and interactive events are additional concepts used as substitutes for webinars. Participants can track and hear webinars from PCs, Macs, tablets, or smartphones, using video and audio feeds.

Most businesses use webinars to link to potential clients, to demonstrate expertise, and to create brand credibility or to support start-ups. Webinars usually work well for companies B2B or SaaS, bloggers, and SMEs who would like to share their expertise. Certain marketing strategies for e-commerce businesses tend to perform better, but the webinar often can be used by companies selling larger ticket products or services.

How it works

As with a lecture or seminar for one person, a webinar typically consists of one host or a group of people who present themselves online for 30-60 minutes.

Participants can interact via chat and message, but some webinars also allow them to use their microphones for Q&A. The vast majority of webinars are attended by fewer than 100 people, most of them less than 50 people.