Webinarjam is a video conferencing platform that is legible for remote access via devices that are able to access the internet. Have you ever wanted to talk to either your students, your employees etc. Webinarjam has made this easier even in these times of covid-19 infestation. This tool comes in handy when distance is factor that is within your institution. Webinarjam is available both in desktop and smartphones. It has been even made more accessible to android devices and iOS devices. That way a catch up can be done from anywhere.

Webinarjam is available HERE – BEST WEBINAR SOFTWARE – WEBINARJAM. this website is easy to use and most of the areas are pre explained. This is also the official-website of Webinarjam.

Let us take a look at what is available in Webinarjam. Some of the features available in Webinarjam are as below:

Best video graphics and audio broadcast
HD glory graphics with the framerate of 30fps. This feature makes the video clear and that way we enjoy the video conference and talk without lags. Lagging can some times be a liability to communication since at times the audio also is interrupted. Webinarjam has made sure that the communication is as clear as possible to reduce any inconveniences. Audio broadcasts are also enabled by this marvelous platform. With a clear communication comes a good communication delivery. That way the recipients are able to understand every bit of the information being transmitted by the speaker. Added advantages of the videos are we are able to see the facial expression, gestures and other body movements which are according to communication specialist a tool to make communication efficient and added emphasis.

A live platform

Webinarjam offers a live meeting platform. In a live platform the audience and the speaker are able to interact on various topics. A perfect example is when an employee wants to seek clarity on a point or directive from his respective addresser or a student wants to ask the teacher a question or in the cause of not understanding a certain area that was being taught. A live video conference allows the meeting attendants to interact and make the discussion more engaging. Sticky announcements are also enabled by Webinarjam. Sticky notes are notes that can be pinned for everyone to view, it has been prioritized in terms of either font, boldness or a different color. The sticky notes normally don’t scroll away from sight that way even if you had already forgotten it you can be able to act as a reminder. A live chat platform is good for live streams like channels with fans. Celebrities and social media fans would like this since people are also enabling fans to comment and react to their live feed. The only duty of the meeting holder is to get the audience and Webinar will do the rest for him. Webinarjam is the best video conferencing platform.

Question and answer periods are also enabled.

Question and answer periods can be held on the platform. This is essential for interaction situations. The interaction meetings include decision-making meetings, innovation meetings, information sharing meetings status update meetings and generally includes meetings that might require clarification.

Automated recordings

There are automated recordings for future review or share it with people who never attended the meeting. These situations are essential for future reference when clarification of the meeting is required. Webinarjam offers replica replays which are the exact video with no edits at all. This gives you the idea of lightness and also brings the feeling of being there to life. Automated session recordings are always available on your settings tab to do this.

Flexible scheduling

For recurring meetings, for example a firm which holds meeting on a certain day of every week or month, they can brand a room and give it recurring sessions whenever it is on that particular day and time. In addition to that, there is an ALWAYS-ON meeting option to allow late attendants to join in in meeting for situations of late arrival. Branded room will always be active on that day of the meeting, this eases you of scheduling and coordinating duties.

Attendee spotlight

An attendee spotlight is when you as a presenter would like to allow an attendee of your meeting to add on something or comment on the topic of discussion or even at times ask questions. The spotlight can be given by simple drag and a drop process by just the point of the mouse. You will be moving the attendee to the presenter’s session which allows to up to four presenters. This way the attenders are able to see their fellow attendee on the screen.

Streaming from anywhere as long as you have a strong internet access.

It does not necessarily mean that you have to access a webcam on your computer to access the meeting. This means that you are able to access this platform via iOS and android even if you are not able to access your personal computer.

Beautify the registration page.

With this additional feature you can customize your personal page to make it more attractive to view and also to your liking.  Make your favorite color theme or picture as a wallpaper background.

Full email and SMS system.

The email and SMS system is able make follow ups, make reminders to those that are supposed to attend the meeting and also sent after meetings.  Customized messages can be sent in case of early meeting leaving, missing a meeting or staying until the end of it all. This emails and SMS can be sent to act as a reminder to help people remember that they should be having a meeting.

Active offers

In cases where active offers can be posted during the meeting offers. Like subscriptions, promo codes etc. Payment of these offers are enabled through redirects to the payment convenient site of the payer. This enables business to occur smoothly and marketing is done effectively.

In my own opinion I would say that Webinarjam is the best video conferencing company based on the above features since it supports up to a maximum of 5000 attenders and 6 presenters.