Webinar Jam Review 2020

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WebinarJam Review 2020

We here provide you Webinar jam Review 2020, Webinar Jam is a webinar software for hosting live casting, streaming events and webinars. Webinar Jam promotes connectivity and collaboration with an interactive live chat and the opportunity to invite up to six co-presenters to broadcast in high definition. The attending spotlight function allows users to invite any webinar participant to participate in a chat.

Used for the best expression of your ideas

In addition to the private, protected network of Webinar Jam, JamCast’s webinar enables users to share broadcasts on Facebook and YouTube Live. WebinarJam helps users communicate and present ideas through slideshows, screen sharing tools, voting, and surveys. In the course of presentations, training or lectures it also allows the users to draw and highlight directly on the screen.

Used for online marketing

Webinar Jam is a webinar web hosting software for online marketing used by different companies. Webinar Jam is compatible with all operating systems, browsers and mobile app platforms and supports multiple languages, which enables users to stream live broadcast from anywhere to thousands of visitors. They may directly stream to the privately-owned WebinarJam network through Facebook Live & Youtube Live.

Overview of Webinar Jam Benefits, Webinar Jam Review 2020

Maximize Engagement And Collaboration For Webinars

Webinar Jam allows users to conduct Webinars and other live streaming events interactively and engagingly. It presents a feature that allows one of its webinar participants to share experiences and ideas with the rest of the audience. Once a participant has been invited to participate, the participant can speak, share a screen and stream his webcam.

Other participants can ask questions and comment on the webinar through the live chat of WebinarJam. Users will also be able to highlight important comments or questions, including answers from the speakers. The software also enables users to moderate messages from their participants. In a webinar, moderators may even prohibit trolls.

Present Ideas In Various Ways

Users and their collaborators can improve their presentations in WebinarJam. For example, like a newsroom, pre-recognized photographs or segments can be incorporated into their live broadcast via their video engine. The video engine allows you to upload videos to the software you can play during the course of your webinars. This feature is very useful to provide participants with offers that enable users to deliver pre-recorded videos.

Effective for presentations

The creation of drawings and annotations on the screen is also a valuable way to perform and enhance presentations through the software. Presenters can therefore add bookmarks to their co-presenters’ videos or screens. They can highlight ideas in this way.

Transact Every Time

WebinarJam also enables users to present offers for participants and to accept such offers easily and to act seamlessly. As you run its webinars, you can actively engage and deal with those who wish to shop and answer questions after you present your offers. At the same time, you can also ask questions.

One-Click Registration

WebinarJam makes it easy to register for a webinar. Those who want to participate in this webinar just have to click on the users’ link “Click To Register.” When they click the link, they are registered for the webinar automatically, without having to wast their time to complete registration forms.

Follow Up After A Live Stream Event, Webinar Jam Review 2020

In summary, WebinarJam enables users to monitor their webinar registrars and participants automatically based on the specific actions they take. This powerful feature lets you define how to monitor the registrants and attendants using if-then scenarios using Boolean logic.

For instance, if you register, do not attend the webinar or send another type of email, but you left the webinar at a very early stage, you can send a type of e-mail. In the event that the participants have not purchased an offer, the user can also send them a specific message.

WebinarJam is one of the top 5 Management Software products

In order to generate a universal signal, WebinarJam uses special and broadcast technology. It uses all the latest technology, like RTMP, WebRTC, HLS, and can also be used on all web browsers. Many impressive features like custom interfaces, user-friendly dashboards and numerous presenter possibilities are also available.

It can be useful to also consider further sub-classes of management software collected in our SaaS software reviews data database, if you are interested in WebinarJam. An application can be customized for their size, type of staff and buyers and the specific industry in each company has different requirements and needs. No platform can offer out-of-the-box perfect features for such reasons. See what you want to do first when you are looking for a software product.

How Much Does WebinarJam Cost?

While WebinarJam does not offer a free version, they give a free trial for 30 days and a 30-day cash back security. Note that, instead of requiring users to pay higher upfront costs for the annual subscription, the webinarjam doesn’t offer a monthly payments plan.


Webinar provides users with two SMB pricing plans. The schemes may be executed by subscription and paid one or three times a year. The company pricing details are as follows:

Single Payment

– $479/yr

– Single‑Payment Year Subscription

3 Payments 

– Three monthly payments of $189 every year

– 3-Installment Payment Plan

Who Should Use WebinarJam?

It’s ideal for those who focus on live and pre-recorded webinars almost exclusively. The automatic streaming integration with Facebook Live and YouTube Live can get great benefit for companies looking to build on its social media presence. The functions and user interface of WebinarJam are particularly aimed at entrepreneurs; however, companies of all sizes and multiple industries can benefit from the easy use of this tool.

Can WebinarJam Improve Company Webinars?

WebinarJam enables you to connect with external webinar software, remote work instruments improve internal communication and collaboration with people outside of your business. Team communication tools such as Slack alternatives, video conference software and screen shared apps make it more productive and organized to work from home or in the office. Ensure that your company places equal weight on internal and external communications through the right webinar and online conference software. It helps you understand what you are looking for in video conferencing programs.

WebinarJam Pros and Cons

By examining many WebinarJam reviews, we have compiled the list of advantages and disadvantages based on the most consistent items cited in customer feedback.


– Competitive pricing

– One-click webinar registration

– Social media integration

– Password protection

– Multi-lingual

– Comprehensive features

– Reminder notifications and follow-up emails

– Attendee spotlight for audience engagement


– No automated webinars

– The interface isn’t especially user-friendly

– Customer support isn’t always responsive

– Can’t stream directly from your website, must use button redirect

WebinarJam Features

– Engage everybody

– Go Solo or invite co-presenters

– Attendee spotlight

– Active chat

– Stream directly to Facebook live and YouTube Live

– Easy and fast broadcasting

– Supports all Operating Systems Browsers, and mobile devices

– Run slick slideshow presentations

– Polls and surveys

– Active offers

– Urgency display

– Limited units display

– Update units automatically or manually

– Buyer alerts Feedback flow

– Point and click registration page builder

– Replica replay

– Detailed webinar performance analytics