Webinar​Jam​ Guide 2020

Webinar​Jam​ Guide 2020

Webinars are the best and most effective as well as efficient ways to boost business sales and increase the growth of it.

In modern times, many businesses prefer webinars in place of seminars, as they are more cost-effective, time-saving, and more comprehensive.

The webinars align with today’s modern world requirements and possess great importance to the success of a business. Moreover, with the prevalent situation of the Covid-19 menace, webinars are the most efficient way of business communications with potential customers. They will help the businesses to spread the word without even the transmission taking place.

Having said that all, webinars are indeed a great way for businesses to promote their stuff and make their business touch the skies and grow even bigger.

But to make the pathway more smooth and to increase the chances for the success webinars must be hosted at software platforms which may make it easy for the business to do marketing and spread the word.

Therefore the businesses should aim for the best webinar software platform available in the market. With that being said, one of the most popular webinar software platforms with over 30k users in the world is WebinarJam. In recent times, the usage of this software has increased drastically due to the exciting features it contains.

It is one of the most developed and most aligned webinar software platforms in the world which best fits the modern world’s requirements. But it is important to know each and everything about a webinar software before a business incorporates it for its uses and webinars. Before knowing everything and making a quick decision regarding it may backfire the business if the webinar software does not contain the features the business wants. There should be no worries as in this guide we will be analysing the webinar software and will highlight the good and the bad of WebinarJam software.

Features of WebinarJam

  • ●  It has the best data tracking analytics
  • ●  It has HD quality video and audio as well
  • ●  The webinar recording is automatic
  • ●  Youtube can best reamed
  • ●  Interactive options available such a spolls, questions and answers, and chatting
  • ●  Compatible with every device
  • ●  Fully secured webinar rooms
  • ●  It possesses an already built-in responder
  • ●  More than 5 presenters can be invited to join in the discussion
  • ●  Templates are highly customised

With being price competitive and having such features, it is remarkable to know that WebinarJam stands out against each of its competitors and has got the best unique selling point.

WebinarJam is one of the most highly Automated webinar software:

It is true that the level of automation is really high in WebinarJam. All the processes and the steps are automatically done by the WebinarJam software. From registration to the confirmation and from confirmation to sending follow-up messages, all tasks are done by the software and there is no worry for you to understand the technicalities. The software will keep your attendees updated all the time. Your focus would now be on providing the information and details to the audience and on the other hand, the automation would handle the technicalities.

Communication with the audience or the attendees after the webinar:

This is the real key to success for the business. WebinarJam sends and follow-up the potential customers or audience after the webinar. It is essential because it will let the business identify the prospects and will make the business promptly approach them. In addition to the follow-up feature, WebinarJam possesses the feature of the auto-email responder in case anyone has a query or a question that needs to be answered quickly. These all auto-responder features assist the business to distinguish among the prospects and those who are not so interested. Approaching the disinterested people may waste time and it will be useless to approach them. Therefore, in this regard, WebinarJam is very useful.

Top-notch data analytics:

It is essential that the performance and related stuff must be observed and analyzed so that the business could find the loopholes and overcome their shortcomings by working on them. The advanced analytics tool kits help the business overcome their mistakes and fill the loopholes. This happens because the software analyzes the operations and the workings, the registration process, people getting attracted to the business, and the amount of audience watching and clicking. This is of great use as a business would know where to work on and get most of the benefit. This feature would also help the business to target the selected audience and get the maximum advantage.

Easy registration and the admin setup:

To keep the audience on track and not make them get fiery, the businesses must have a quick and hassle-free registration process, so that the maximum number of people could register without any resistance. WebinarJam has got you covered here as well. Just in a few clicks, the registration process can be completed and the people would also not need to spend a lot of time in that registration process, which basically is a plus point.

In addition to that, the admin setup at the WebinarJam software is way too easy. You can do the configuration in a matter of seconds if it is an express configuration or in just a few minutes if it is the standard configuration. Fast and time-saving user setup it is.

Now is the time to discuss the goods and the bads of WebinarJam Software.

What is the good stuff in WebinarJam:

  • ●  It is the most user-friendly webinar software and any one could operate it
  • ●  One of the best customers supports
  • ●  Webinars are automatically recorded
  • ●  Compatible with a wide Range of Browsers and OS
  • ●  Price competitive taking into account the features it has to offer
  • ●  Multi-language capability
  • ●  HD quality screen and video
  • ●  You can customize landing page templates
  • ●  Easy to do registration
  • ●  Effective and best social media and email integration
  • ●  Promote the interactive sessions such as polls and surveys and keeps the audience engaged There is a lot more good stuff that can be found about the WebinarJam software
  • What is the bad stuff in WebinarJam:
  • ●  The data collected through the polls can not be tracked
  • ●  The premium package of the software is highly-priced and uncompetitive
  • ●  Reconnect and connectivity is sues to arise at sometimes
  • ●  Problems during the live stream can be experienced but not regularly

These are a few of the bad things found to be in WebinarJam software. However, it is important to notice that good stuff exceeds the bad stuff. Depending upon the needs of the business, this WebinarJam could be purchased and it would prove out to be fruitful, that is for sure. The following are the prices for the WebinarJam software.