Webinar​Jam​ Guide 2020

Webinar​Jam​ Guide 2020

Webinars are the best and most effective as well as efficient ways to boost business sales and increase the growth of it.

In modern times, many businesses prefer webinars in place of seminars, as they are more cost-effective, time-saving, and more comprehensive.

The webinars align with today’s modern world requirements and possess great importance to the success of a business. Moreover, with the prevalent situation of the Covid-19 menace, webinars are the most efficient way of business communications with potential customers. They will help the businesses to spread the word without even the transmission taking place.

Having said that all, webinars are indeed a great way for businesses to promote their stuff and make their business touch the skies and grow even bigger.

But to make the pathway more smooth and to increase the chances for the success webinars must be hosted at software platforms which may make it easy for the business to do marketing and spread the word.

Therefore the businesses should aim for the best webinar software platform available in the market. With that being said, one of the most popular webinar software platforms with over 30k users in the world is WebinarJam. In recent times, the usage of this software has increased drastically due to the exciting features it contains.

It is one of the most developed and most aligned webinar software platforms in the world which best fits the modern world’s requirements. But it is important to know each and everything about a webinar software before a business incorporates it for its uses and webinars. Before knowing everything and making a quick decision regarding it may backfire the business if the webinar software does not contain the features the business wants. There should be no worries as in this guide we will be analysing the webinar software and will highlight the good and the bad of WebinarJam software.

Features of WebinarJam

  • ●  It has the best data tracking analytics
  • ●  It has HD quality video and audio as well
  • ●  The webinar recording is automatic
  • ●  Youtube can best reamed
  • ●  Interactive options available such a spolls, questions and answers, and chatting
  • ●  Compatible with every device
  • ●  Fully secured webinar rooms
  • ●  It possesses an already built-in responder
  • ●  More than 5 presenters can be invited to join in the discussion
  • ●  Templates are highly customised

With being price competitive and having such features, it is remarkable to know that WebinarJam stands out against each of its competitors and has got the best unique selling point.

WebinarJam is one of the most highly Automated webinar software:

It is true that the level of automation is really high in WebinarJam. All the processes and the steps are automatically done by the WebinarJam software. From registration to the confirmation and from confirmation to sending follow-up messages, all tasks are done by the software and there is no worry for you to understand the technicalities. The software will keep your attendees updated all the time. Your focus would now be on providing the information and details to the audience and on the other hand, the automation would handle the technicalities.

Communication with the audience or the attendees after the webinar:

This is the real key to success for the business. WebinarJam sends and follow-up the potential customers or audience after the webinar. It is essential because it will let the business identify the prospects and will make the business promptly approach them. In addition to the follow-up feature, WebinarJam possesses the feature of the auto-email responder in case anyone has a query or a question that needs to be answered quickly. These all auto-responder features assist the business to distinguish among the prospects and those who are not so interested. Approaching the disinterested people may waste time and it will be useless to approach them. Therefore, in this regard, WebinarJam is very useful.

Top-notch data analytics:

It is essential that the performance and related stuff must be observed and analyzed so that the business could find the loopholes and overcome their shortcomings by working on them. The advanced analytics tool kits help the business overcome their mistakes and fill the loopholes. This happens because the software analyzes the operations and the workings, the registration process, people getting attracted to the business, and the amount of audience watching and clicking. This is of great use as a business would know where to work on and get most of the benefit. This feature would also help the business to target the selected audience and get the maximum advantage.

Easy registration and the admin setup:

To keep the audience on track and not make them get fiery, the businesses must have a quick and hassle-free registration process, so that the maximum number of people could register without any resistance. WebinarJam has got you covered here as well. Just in a few clicks, the registration process can be completed and the people would also not need to spend a lot of time in that registration process, which basically is a plus point.

In addition to that, the admin setup at the WebinarJam software is way too easy. You can do the configuration in a matter of seconds if it is an express configuration or in just a few minutes if it is the standard configuration. Fast and time-saving user setup it is.

Now is the time to discuss the goods and the bads of WebinarJam Software.

What is the good stuff in WebinarJam:

  • ●  It is the most user-friendly webinar software and any one could operate it
  • ●  One of the best customers supports
  • ●  Webinars are automatically recorded
  • ●  Compatible with a wide Range of Browsers and OS
  • ●  Price competitive taking into account the features it has to offer
  • ●  Multi-language capability
  • ●  HD quality screen and video
  • ●  You can customize landing page templates
  • ●  Easy to do registration
  • ●  Effective and best social media and email integration
  • ●  Promote the interactive sessions such as polls and surveys and keeps the audience engaged There is a lot more good stuff that can be found about the WebinarJam software
  • What is the bad stuff in WebinarJam:
  • ●  The data collected through the polls can not be tracked
  • ●  The premium package of the software is highly-priced and uncompetitive
  • ●  Reconnect and connectivity is sues to arise at sometimes
  • ●  Problems during the live stream can be experienced but not regularly

These are a few of the bad things found to be in WebinarJam software. However, it is important to notice that good stuff exceeds the bad stuff. Depending upon the needs of the business, this WebinarJam could be purchased and it would prove out to be fruitful, that is for sure. The following are the prices for the WebinarJam software.

What is the best Webinar Software

What is the best Webinar Software

With an ever-increasing need for effective communication, there is software being developed that aids businesses to communicate well with their clients or the audiences. A webinar is a kind of informative semester which is provided in order to educate the audience and provide comprehensive information. Presentations and lectures are given online in real-time with the speaker and audience interacting and engaging with one and another. It is cost-effective and time-saving. Moreover, it is also an efficient way for businesses to provide details about their projects and hold team meetings, without any fear of the transmission of Covid-19 which happens due to physical interaction.

A webinar is undoubtedly the best way to reach out to the maximum amount of people and interact with them regarding your business. But have you realized how difficult it might be to manage such a huge amount of people and then answering their queries? There are various problems which may come in front of you which as a result may resist you from holding a smooth webinar. To make the process of webinars easy, there are certain webinar software platforms which may assist you in holding the webinars.

We are going to look into the list of the best webinar software available. Moreover, we will discuss the webinar software in detail, the features it may have, the pricing of the webinar software, and the benefits it possesses. The list may help you choose the best and the most appropriate webinar software with the maximum amount of benefits.



WebinarJam will be our first pick if you want the best webinar software with good quality stuff. We will prove to you why this software is the best of all. Firstly, if you want something easy to use and user friendly, then this webinar software will be your go-to option. This works automatically in order to manage a large amount of audience, which would definitely be hard for a person to manage and organize. In addition to this, you can also use the WebinarJam software to stream directly on the youtube page. Lets now discuss the features of this software:

Features of WebinarJam:

  • As mentioned earlier it is user friendly and easy to use. No prior knowledge required.
  • Phenomenal customer care and support
  • You can carry out polls and surveys with the help of this software
  • Helps to record video, without you even reminding yourself to do so
  • Can handle multiple audiences and attendants quite easily
  • Setting up the process is really quick, no time will be wasted
  • You can run it on all the various browsers

Benefits attached to WebinarJam:

  • You can have user-friendly dashboards
  • Hd Video
  • Use of the latest technology which makes it distinctive
  • Superb two-way communication as it can have advanced live chat and the user can have one to one communication
  • You can market your products during the webinar as the WebinarJam automatically provides pop-ups. It may make your audience buy your products from the webinar.
  • You can also take the help of tutorials that are provided by the software to understand the webinar.

Pricing of WebinarJam:

As you can see above, there are around three packages.

  1. Basic: $499 per year with the above-mentioned benefits
  2. Professional: $699 per year with the above-mentioned benefits
  3. Enterprise: $999 per year with the above-mentioned benefits

Apart from this, you can also get a 14day trial for the WebinarJam software just for $1.

NO.2 Demio:

Demio is one of the finest Webinar software platforms right now in the world. It has to offer you a well updated and modern platform. Moreover, the webinar software has both the options available for you. If you feel like having live webinars, you can, but if you feel that automated might be right, then you can opt for that. In addition to this Demio also offers hybrid mixture or pre-recording and live recordings.

Features of Demio:

  • There is an option for the user to have private chat with the coordinator or the speaker and also simultaneously, the user can show the chat to the audience.
  • The tracking options are powerful and efficient
  • Extensive Automation is provided by the software
  • There is a good option to get an insight into your performance at the webinar with the help of a built-in analytics system.

Benefits attached to Demio:

  • You can easily record the webinar in the cloud
  • You can conduct as many webinars as you want
  • You can record up to 100 recordings
  • Chat and email support
  • HD quality streaming is supported by the software


Pricing of Demio:

As you can see above, there are three mentioned packages:

  1. Starter: $34 per month, with the above-mentioned benefits
  2. Growth: $69 per month, with the above-mentioned benefits
  3. Business: $163 per month, with the above-mentioned benefits

NO.3 WebinarNinja:

Webinar Ninja is again one of the most competitive Webinar Software platforms. It is used by many renowned brands and is also quite easy to use. Having said that the webinar can be formed and created in a very short period of time, making it more time-efficient. It is indeed a well-designed platform with various features to offer. Brands that use this software are BareMetrics, Podia, AppSumo, John-Lee Dumas, and other renowned ones.

Features of WebinarNinja:

  • You can run fully automated or the hybrid webinars depends upon you
  • You can analyze your performance at the webinars
  • Quick live chat
  • You can carry out polls whenever you want, during the webinar as well
  • You can possibly integrate with 1000 plus apps with the help of Zapier
  • You can instantly share your screen

Benefits attached to WebinarNinja:

  •  You have the ability to create four different types of Webinars such as Series, live, hybrid or the automated
  • You can create webinar within a minute saving a lot of time
  • You can have the timed offers displayed during the webinar session
  • You can have a built-in email notification

Pricing of WebinarNinja:

As you can notice, there are four packages mentioned above:

  1. Starter: $39 per month, with the above-mentioned benefits
  2. Pro: $79 per month, with the above-mentioned benefits
  3. Plus: $123 per month, with the above-mentioned benefits
  4. Power: $199 per month, with the above-mentioned benefits

NO.4 GoToWebinar:

GoToWebinar is a great webinar software platform and can help you by providing a lot of good stuff. You can stream live and after you are done with that, you can easily send the recordings to your audience or the attendees. With the help of this software, you can reach out to the maximum amount of audiences and can grow your business to the max. However, it only has got one drawback, and that is its limited features if we compare it with the other webinars software we have mentioned above.

Features of GoToWebinar:

  • You can share your recording with the attendees after the live sessions
  • You can have email notifications to notify your audience and the attendees
  • You can have HD video quality
  • Good customer service
  • You can carry out in-built polls and surveys
  • You can have integration with GoToMeeting
  • You can have the analysis on your webinar performance

Benefits attached to GoToWebinar:

  • You can reach out to more people which ultimately would increase your business growth
  • Easy to organize and manage events, with flexible scheduling
  • Range of built-in webinar templates
  • Automated email reminders
  • Helps to boost traffic by promoting the upcoming events

Pricing of GoToWebinar:

 As you can notice above, there are around four packages mentioned:

  1. Lite: $49 per month, with the above-mentioned benefits
  2. Standard: $99 per month, with the above-mentioned benefits
  3. Pro: $199 per month, with the above-mentioned benefits
  4. Enterprise: $399 per month, with the above-mentioned benefits

NO.5 ClickMeeting:

ClickMeeting is another great webinar software platform which is more user friendly and can be best used for educational purposes. With the help of this software, you can easily set up events without worrying about any technicalities. This webinar software platform is of great use if your business is a small one or medium-sized.

Features of ClickMeeting:

  • You can have multiple presenters at the same time
  • You can record your sessions easily and share with the audiences and the attendees after the event
  • You can get analysis of your webinar performance easily
  • You can carry out polls and surveys without any hesitation
  • Can be easily connected to Facebook and the youtube 
  • There are easy chat options available

Benefits attached to ClickMeeting:

  • It is easy to use and user friendly  
  • You can carry out training sessions with your customers
  • You can easily do product sales and marketing
  • You can easily record the webinars and download them for future use
  • It is well integrated
  • It is best for the smalls and medium-sized businesses
  • Clear instructions are given when setting up the businesses

Pricing of ClickMeeting:

As you can see above, there are basically four options available:

  1. Free Trial: Free for a limited time and above-mentioned benefits
  2. Live: $25 per month with above-mentioned benefits
  3. Automated: $40 per month with above-mentioned benefits
  4. Enterprise: You may need to contact them for further details and look up the benefits

NO.6 BigMarker

It is another competitive webinar software platform as itn has one of the best options and features to set interactive sessions like polls and surveys, and also the questions and answers stuff. Moreover, the software can hold and engage a large amount of audience at a time which will help to spread the word to larger numbers of people and more chances of success is assured. There can be found a lot of stuff like custom email invites and more marketing tools. In addition to this, you can allow as many people to join the discussion as you want as there is no limit on the presents, and that is a really great thing.

Features of BigMarker:

  • HD quality video and screen sharing
  • 7 day free trial is provided by the software
  • Various landing page types are also available
  • Can possibly stream multiple cameras
  • It has and deals with 135 plus currencies around the globe
  • It has diverse and unique live streaming features
  • Custom based live video experiencing
  • Create automated webinars with this software

Benefits attached to BigMarker:

  • The prospects data can be captured through interactive options which may help you boost your business sales depending upon that data
  • Book meetings with your prospects’ and can book specific meetings based on the data you may capture.
  • It is a browser based software platform so anyone can join using the browser and there will be no need to download the app
  • Compatible with every device possible so you do not have to worry about that either
  • Custom video experiences can be built by you as you wish

Pricing of BigMarker:

As it can be noticed above, there are three main packages:

  1. Starter: $79 per month with the above mentioned benefits
  2. Elite: $159 per month with the above mentioned benefits
  3. Premier: $299 per month with the above mentioned benefits


NO.7 EasyWebinar

It is a webinar software platform well integrated with webinar technology with the marketing strategy. It has got both the options such as automated webinars and the live webinars as well. You can choose based on your needs and the preferences to a certain thing you give. You can find various features in this software platform and few of them are email marketing software and the lead generation tools.

Features of EasyWebinar:

  • It provides good enough basic plan as you can have 100 plus attendees and the audience in that package which surely is pretty good
  • It has got HD video quality
  • Attendees can easily be interactive throughout the sessions
  • It can provide Youtube live integration
  • It can provide WordPress integration
  • It has the ability to analyse your webinar performance
  • Easy and robust chat features
  • You can have screen sharing options as well

Benefits attached to EasyWebinar:

  •  It is really easy and user friendly
  • It is really great for the businesses
  • You can choose the live and automated webinars both depending upon your choice
  • Easy and affordable to basic plan with good features as 100 plus attendees

Pricing of EasyWebinar:

As you can see above, there are around three price packages being offered:

  1. Standard: $78 per month with the above mentioned benefits
  2. Pro: $129 per month with the above mentioned benefits
  3. Enterprise: $499 per month with the above mentioned benefits

No.8 GetRespone

The  software platform is basically an email marketing service provider which also provides the webinar marketing solutions. It has the feature to set up the webinar real quick in less than 3 minutes which is the real time saver. It has also got various marketing tools.

Features of GetResponse:

  • You can customize the URL of your webinar as you want
  • Easy webinar recording options
  • You can share it really easy and quickly
  •  You can set autoresponders

Benefits attached to GetResponse:

  • It has automated email marketing
  • It has got the ability to follow up messages as soon as the webinar ends
  • Reminder, notifications and thankyou messages can be sent to the people who have got themselves registered.

Pricing of GetResponse:

As it can be seen above there are basically three pricing options available:

  1. Basic: $15 per month with above mentioned benefits
  2. Plus: $49 per month with above mentioned benefits
  3. Professional: $99 per month with above mentioned benefits
  4. Enterprise: It has got the custom pricing and you can get the quote

Webinar Jam Review 2020

webinar jam

WebinarJam Review 2020

We here provide you Webinar jam Review 2020, Webinar Jam is a webinar software for hosting live casting, streaming events and webinars. Webinar Jam promotes connectivity and collaboration with an interactive live chat and the opportunity to invite up to six co-presenters to broadcast in high definition. The attending spotlight function allows users to invite any webinar participant to participate in a chat.

Used for the best expression of your ideas

In addition to the private, protected network of Webinar Jam, JamCast’s webinar enables users to share broadcasts on Facebook and YouTube Live. WebinarJam helps users communicate and present ideas through slideshows, screen sharing tools, voting, and surveys. In the course of presentations, training or lectures it also allows the users to draw and highlight directly on the screen.

Used for online marketing

Webinar Jam is a webinar web hosting software for online marketing used by different companies. Webinar Jam is compatible with all operating systems, browsers and mobile app platforms and supports multiple languages, which enables users to stream live broadcast from anywhere to thousands of visitors. They may directly stream to the privately-owned WebinarJam network through Facebook Live & Youtube Live.

Overview of Webinar Jam Benefits, Webinar Jam Review 2020

Maximize Engagement And Collaboration For Webinars

Webinar Jam allows users to conduct Webinars and other live streaming events interactively and engagingly. It presents a feature that allows one of its webinar participants to share experiences and ideas with the rest of the audience. Once a participant has been invited to participate, the participant can speak, share a screen and stream his webcam.

Other participants can ask questions and comment on the webinar through the live chat of WebinarJam. Users will also be able to highlight important comments or questions, including answers from the speakers. The software also enables users to moderate messages from their participants. In a webinar, moderators may even prohibit trolls.

Present Ideas In Various Ways

Users and their collaborators can improve their presentations in WebinarJam. For example, like a newsroom, pre-recognized photographs or segments can be incorporated into their live broadcast via their video engine. The video engine allows you to upload videos to the software you can play during the course of your webinars. This feature is very useful to provide participants with offers that enable users to deliver pre-recorded videos.

Effective for presentations

The creation of drawings and annotations on the screen is also a valuable way to perform and enhance presentations through the software. Presenters can therefore add bookmarks to their co-presenters’ videos or screens. They can highlight ideas in this way.

Transact Every Time

WebinarJam also enables users to present offers for participants and to accept such offers easily and to act seamlessly. As you run its webinars, you can actively engage and deal with those who wish to shop and answer questions after you present your offers. At the same time, you can also ask questions.

One-Click Registration

WebinarJam makes it easy to register for a webinar. Those who want to participate in this webinar just have to click on the users’ link “Click To Register.” When they click the link, they are registered for the webinar automatically, without having to wast their time to complete registration forms.

Follow Up After A Live Stream Event, Webinar Jam Review 2020

In summary, WebinarJam enables users to monitor their webinar registrars and participants automatically based on the specific actions they take. This powerful feature lets you define how to monitor the registrants and attendants using if-then scenarios using Boolean logic.

For instance, if you register, do not attend the webinar or send another type of email, but you left the webinar at a very early stage, you can send a type of e-mail. In the event that the participants have not purchased an offer, the user can also send them a specific message.

WebinarJam is one of the top 5 Management Software products

In order to generate a universal signal, WebinarJam uses special and broadcast technology. It uses all the latest technology, like RTMP, WebRTC, HLS, and can also be used on all web browsers. Many impressive features like custom interfaces, user-friendly dashboards and numerous presenter possibilities are also available.

It can be useful to also consider further sub-classes of management software collected in our SaaS software reviews data database, if you are interested in WebinarJam. An application can be customized for their size, type of staff and buyers and the specific industry in each company has different requirements and needs. No platform can offer out-of-the-box perfect features for such reasons. See what you want to do first when you are looking for a software product.

How Much Does WebinarJam Cost?

While WebinarJam does not offer a free version, they give a free trial for 30 days and a 30-day cash back security. Note that, instead of requiring users to pay higher upfront costs for the annual subscription, the webinarjam doesn’t offer a monthly payments plan.


Webinar provides users with two SMB pricing plans. The schemes may be executed by subscription and paid one or three times a year. The company pricing details are as follows:

Single Payment

– $479/yr

– Single‑Payment Year Subscription

3 Payments 

– Three monthly payments of $189 every year

– 3-Installment Payment Plan

Who Should Use WebinarJam?

It’s ideal for those who focus on live and pre-recorded webinars almost exclusively. The automatic streaming integration with Facebook Live and YouTube Live can get great benefit for companies looking to build on its social media presence. The functions and user interface of WebinarJam are particularly aimed at entrepreneurs; however, companies of all sizes and multiple industries can benefit from the easy use of this tool.

Can WebinarJam Improve Company Webinars?

WebinarJam enables you to connect with external webinar software, remote work instruments improve internal communication and collaboration with people outside of your business. Team communication tools such as Slack alternatives, video conference software and screen shared apps make it more productive and organized to work from home or in the office. Ensure that your company places equal weight on internal and external communications through the right webinar and online conference software. It helps you understand what you are looking for in video conferencing programs.

WebinarJam Pros and Cons

By examining many WebinarJam reviews, we have compiled the list of advantages and disadvantages based on the most consistent items cited in customer feedback.


– Competitive pricing

– One-click webinar registration

– Social media integration

– Password protection

– Multi-lingual

– Comprehensive features

– Reminder notifications and follow-up emails

– Attendee spotlight for audience engagement


– No automated webinars

– The interface isn’t especially user-friendly

– Customer support isn’t always responsive

– Can’t stream directly from your website, must use button redirect

WebinarJam Features

– Engage everybody

– Go Solo or invite co-presenters

– Attendee spotlight

– Active chat

– Stream directly to Facebook live and YouTube Live

– Easy and fast broadcasting

– Supports all Operating Systems Browsers, and mobile devices

– Run slick slideshow presentations

– Polls and surveys

– Active offers

– Urgency display

– Limited units display

– Update units automatically or manually

– Buyer alerts Feedback flow

– Point and click registration page builder

– Replica replay

– Detailed webinar performance analytics




Webinarjam is a video conferencing platform that is legible for remote access via devices that are able to access the internet. Have you ever wanted to talk to either your students, your employees etc. Webinarjam has made this easier even in these times of covid-19 infestation. This tool comes in handy when distance is factor that is within your institution. Webinarjam is available both in desktop and smartphones. It has been even made more accessible to android devices and iOS devices. That way a catch up can be done from anywhere.

Webinarjam is available HERE – BEST WEBINAR SOFTWARE – WEBINARJAM. this website is easy to use and most of the areas are pre explained. This is also the official-website of Webinarjam.

Let us take a look at what is available in Webinarjam. Some of the features available in Webinarjam are as below:

Best video graphics and audio broadcast
HD glory graphics with the framerate of 30fps. This feature makes the video clear and that way we enjoy the video conference and talk without lags. Lagging can some times be a liability to communication since at times the audio also is interrupted. Webinarjam has made sure that the communication is as clear as possible to reduce any inconveniences. Audio broadcasts are also enabled by this marvelous platform. With a clear communication comes a good communication delivery. That way the recipients are able to understand every bit of the information being transmitted by the speaker. Added advantages of the videos are we are able to see the facial expression, gestures and other body movements which are according to communication specialist a tool to make communication efficient and added emphasis.

A live platform

Webinarjam offers a live meeting platform. In a live platform the audience and the speaker are able to interact on various topics. A perfect example is when an employee wants to seek clarity on a point or directive from his respective addresser or a student wants to ask the teacher a question or in the cause of not understanding a certain area that was being taught. A live video conference allows the meeting attendants to interact and make the discussion more engaging. Sticky announcements are also enabled by Webinarjam. Sticky notes are notes that can be pinned for everyone to view, it has been prioritized in terms of either font, boldness or a different color. The sticky notes normally don’t scroll away from sight that way even if you had already forgotten it you can be able to act as a reminder. A live chat platform is good for live streams like channels with fans. Celebrities and social media fans would like this since people are also enabling fans to comment and react to their live feed. The only duty of the meeting holder is to get the audience and Webinar will do the rest for him. Webinarjam is the best video conferencing platform.

Question and answer periods are also enabled.

Question and answer periods can be held on the platform. This is essential for interaction situations. The interaction meetings include decision-making meetings, innovation meetings, information sharing meetings status update meetings and generally includes meetings that might require clarification.

Automated recordings

There are automated recordings for future review or share it with people who never attended the meeting. These situations are essential for future reference when clarification of the meeting is required. Webinarjam offers replica replays which are the exact video with no edits at all. This gives you the idea of lightness and also brings the feeling of being there to life. Automated session recordings are always available on your settings tab to do this.

Flexible scheduling

For recurring meetings, for example a firm which holds meeting on a certain day of every week or month, they can brand a room and give it recurring sessions whenever it is on that particular day and time. In addition to that, there is an ALWAYS-ON meeting option to allow late attendants to join in in meeting for situations of late arrival. Branded room will always be active on that day of the meeting, this eases you of scheduling and coordinating duties.

Attendee spotlight

An attendee spotlight is when you as a presenter would like to allow an attendee of your meeting to add on something or comment on the topic of discussion or even at times ask questions. The spotlight can be given by simple drag and a drop process by just the point of the mouse. You will be moving the attendee to the presenter’s session which allows to up to four presenters. This way the attenders are able to see their fellow attendee on the screen.

Streaming from anywhere as long as you have a strong internet access.

It does not necessarily mean that you have to access a webcam on your computer to access the meeting. This means that you are able to access this platform via iOS and android even if you are not able to access your personal computer.

Beautify the registration page.

With this additional feature you can customize your personal page to make it more attractive to view and also to your liking.  Make your favorite color theme or picture as a wallpaper background.

Full email and SMS system.

The email and SMS system is able make follow ups, make reminders to those that are supposed to attend the meeting and also sent after meetings.  Customized messages can be sent in case of early meeting leaving, missing a meeting or staying until the end of it all. This emails and SMS can be sent to act as a reminder to help people remember that they should be having a meeting.

Active offers

In cases where active offers can be posted during the meeting offers. Like subscriptions, promo codes etc. Payment of these offers are enabled through redirects to the payment convenient site of the payer. This enables business to occur smoothly and marketing is done effectively.

In my own opinion I would say that Webinarjam is the best video conferencing company based on the above features since it supports up to a maximum of 5000 attenders and 6 presenters.